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M. Joseph Young was raised within the Baptist church and accepted Christ through the ministry of his Presbyterian cousin in 1968.  A musician, he ministered throughout the northeastern United States with many Christian bands including The Last Psalm, Jacob's Well, Aurora, TerraNova, and Cardiac Output.  He received an Associate of Arts from Luther College of the Bible and Liberal Arts in Teaneck, New Jersey, and an Artium Baccalaureus in Biblical Studies from Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts. After completing his undergraduate work, he entered into broadcast ministry as an announcer at WNNN-FM, Canton, New Jersey, eventually becoming program director of that contemporary Christian radio station. He also taught undergraduate Biblical Studies at The Institute of the Great Commission in Pitman, New Jersey.  His denominational background includes time in Baptist, Presbyterian, Full Gospel, Pentecostal, Lutheran, and Assembly of God fellowships, and familiarity with many others.

  After leaving the radio ministry, he became a member of Mensa and returned to further his education, receiving a Juris Doctore from Widener University School of Law.

  Always interested in games, he invented his first board game in 1977.  In 1980 he was introduced to role playing games, beginning with Dungeons & Dragons, and rapidly became an avid player and referee.  Little more than a decade later he was involved in writing Multiverser:  The Game and Multiverser:  The First Book of Worlds, and has been involved in the game ever since, writing Multiverser:  The Second Book of Worlds and the first Multiverser novel, Verse Three, Chapter One.  Information on these books is available on his web site.

  Late in 2000 he was asked to fill the office of Chaplain of the Christian Gamers Guild when the resignation of the group's president led to a vacancy.  In December of that year he was elected to hold the office through the end of 2002.  The development of the Christian edification corner of this web site became one of his priorities in the Spring of 2001, including the development of the series Faith and Gaming.  In December of 2002, he was again elected to continue in this position for another two years.

  Mr. Young is a prolific writer, with hundreds of articles on the Internet.  He writes a weekly series on creativity, Game Ideas Unlimited, for Gaming Outpost, in addition to the Faith and Gaming series here in the Chaplain's Corner of the Christian Gamers Guild.  His web site on time travel has been named an Event Horizon Hot Spot and a Sci-fi Weekly Site of the Week (November 11, 2002), and his Dungeons & Dragons™ web site was recognized by Knights of the Dinner Table (#74, Hacking Back to AD&D's First Edition).  Here are a few select web pages.

  Confessions of a Dungeons & Dragons™ Addict is a respected defense of role playing games recognized by GAMA and many other game-related sites.

  Objective and Subjective Christian Guidance provides a solid look at how Christians determine the will of God for their lives, giving proper weight both to feelings and to facts.

  Philemon examines the shortest of Paul's epistles and discovers the true meaning of humility and the importance of understanding our own talents and abilities.

  M. Joseph Young's Sandy Becker Theory of Eschatology takes a look at prophecies of the end of all things, and suggests why there is so much disagreement about them, and why perhaps it doesn't matter whether we understand these.

  Morality and Consequences:  Overlooked Gaming Essentials considers ways to handle evil characters within a game world, such that reaping what you sow is as real in the game as it should be.

  These and many more of his pages, on Bible and role playing plus many other subjects as diverse as time travel, Internet business, law, and more, are indexed for convenient access.  He is also available to discuss any of his work or other issues by e-mail.

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